Patents, Trademarks, and Trade Dress

We take the protection of our Strider® brand very seriously. Genuine Strider products are available worldwide online and in thousands of retail stores. By purchasing your Strider products from an authorized retailer, reseller, or distributor, you are helping us maintain the authenticity of our brand and the high quality of our products.

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VIRTUAL PATENT MARKING This webpage is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions, including those provisions set out by the America Invents Act, and serves as acceptable notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).
ProductAssociated Patent
Strider 12Various U.S. and International patents pending
Strider 14xVarious U.S. and International patents pending

Authorized Strider dealers and distributors have special intellectual property rights which are established by contract.

Strider's ® trademarks and trade dress are protected in the US and internationally, and may not be used without our written permission. Strider's trademarks include, but are not limited to: Strider, Strider Camp, StriderLife, Snow Strider, Strider Racing, Strider Cup, our Child on a Strider icon, and other graphics, phrases or images that identify the source or origin of Strider's products and services. Do not alter or modify the marks or use them in a confusing way that suggests that Strider sponsors or endorses you or your products or services, or confuses the Strider brand with another brand.

You may make fair use of our Strider word trademarks in discussions, comparisons, or reviews; but they may not be used in a way which suggests that Strider endorses, sponsors, or produces any event or product without the express written consent of Strider.

The design or shape of Strider balance bikes is protected by US and European Union patents and trademarks and may not be copied.

All of the images and text on the site, Strider box art, printed materials produced by Strider including advertisements, manuals, fliers, and brochures are copyrighted by Strider. None of the images or text may be copied or reproduced for any purpose without express, written permission from Strider. Pictures of children are specially protected by law in most jurisdictions.

Accessories and Merchandise

We certainly appreciate the enthusiasm of our many Strider fans wishing to sell Strider associated products. However, we do not permit the use of any of our marks on accessories or merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, banners, handlebars, or custom wraps. Please don’t put our marks on your custom creations.


Please do not use Strider in your website name or register a domain name that contains Strider or any of our other marks, or misspellings or other variations of our marks. Your website must not copy the distinctive Strider look and feel (trade dress), as we do not want anyone to be confused about whether it’s your site or our site.


To report Strider trademark, brand, product, or other violations, please Contact Us.

Registered Trademarks

  • Strider Camp®
  • Stride on®
  • StriderLife®
  • Strider Cup®
  • Strider Racing®
  • Snow Strider®
  • Strider®
  • Simplified: 迈步者
  • Traditional: 邁步者