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 Strider 12 Snow Skis


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Save a bike from the shed this winter. Don’t let your child’s beloved bike suffer, lonely and cold, through the long, dark months. These easy, no-tool installation skis strap right onto the wheels of any Strider 12 Balance Bike and transform it into an official powder pony ready to hit the sledding hill in style. Ripping through the snow not only adds to your kid’s street cred, but also continues to teach riding essentials, like balance and core stability, but, who cares about all that when you’re shredding the gnar.


  • Skis are lightweight, so kids can easily glide through fresh powder and down sledding hills.
  • The easy, no-tool installation makes going from pavement to powder headache free.
  • Made of durable plastic to withstand toddler level thrashing.
  • Skis attach to each wheel with included buckle and strap system.
  • Use the Snow Skis to continue to teach balance and core stability through the winter months.
  • Strider 12 Snow Skis fit all Strider 12 inch Balance Bikes.


Made of durable plastic
No-tool assembly
Attaches to each wheel with included buckle and strap system