Boy on a Strider yellow pro balance bike
Two children riding on a Strider 12 sport and pro in London, UK
Boy riding on a blue Strider 14x balance bike
Boy riding a red Strider balance bike in woods
Girl on a blue Strider 14x for older kids






Three toddlers on a yellow, green and pink learning bikes for kids
Girl on a red Strider 12 Pro balance bike outside
Girl on yellow Strider Balance bikes
Boy on a Strider 14x Sport yellow balance bike
Red Strider bike
Blue 14x Strider balance bike transparent background alternative
Alternative rocking base image
Strider pedal kit transparent background

2-in-1 Rocking Bike

0 - 18 months


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    "Balance bikes—two-wheelers
    propelled by tiny feet—have made
    training wheels obsolete."

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    "Training wheels have been disrupted. Today, more children than ever are learning on balance bikes..."

  • Five stars product

    Over 2,500
    Awesome Reviews

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    "If you have a kid, or just live on planet earth near kids, you’ve seen a Strider Bike. It’s the super-fun looking balance bike with a low seat and no pedals..."

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    "Today, anyone who's serious about teaching a kid to ride at an early age will likely eschew training wheels in favor of a balance bike. "

Strider Balance Bikes

There's a lot to love about owning a Strider. One of the coolest things is becoming part of a community of Strider riders that spans the globe. Woah! Cool. Strider events give children a place to make new friends, have a little friendly competition, and hone their sweet riding skills. The best part for parents? Cheering your speed demon on, watching them grow, and making memories that will last a lifetime.